Fine Blanking solutions

The Fine Blanking Process represents a specialized variant of the stamping process, characterized by its unique approach to precision cutting. In this method, the cutting area demands the utmost smoothness, achieved by compressing the entire workpiece and extracting material through both upper and lower punches. The fine-blanking process, known for its exceptional precision, maintains exceedingly tight tolerances, often obviating the need for additional post-processing steps.

Millutensil stands at the forefront of innovative Fine Blanking solutions, offering dedicated production lines designed for coils with thicknesses up to 12 mm. This cutting-edge technology caters not only to the handling of substantial thicknesses but also prioritizes the crucial aspects of accuracy, flatness, and cost-effectiveness in the production of fine-blanked parts. Millutensil’s technology is designed to prepare the material to be perfectly flat and planar, in addition to providing synchronized line feeding with the press.

In the realm of Fine Blanking, the Millutensil technology has been developed with a specific focus on acquiring the requisite skills and fostering competitiveness. This dedication is aimed at meeting the exacting standards necessary for the production of highly accurate parts, thereby establishing Millutensil as a key player in the realm of precision manufacturing.


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