Founded in 1955 and after nearly 70 years in the business, today Millutensil is a worldwide leader in the production of die & mould spotting presses/die – splitters and machinery for sheet metal working. Millutensil deals with the most important names across a variety of sectors, striving for excellence and advanced technology through innovative and ground-breaking solutions.

Millutensil is a dynamic company that develops innovative and leading solutions. Our main objective is not merely to be suppliers, but to be real partners for our customers, always providing valid advice and reliable assistance.

Millutensil operates in international markets through three product lines:

  • The Green Line, specializing in sheet metal processing machinery.
  • The Blue Line, catering to mold manufacturers.
  • The Yellow Line, dedicated to conveying systems.

Our philosophy

Millutensil can provide customers with a complete integrated “All Around the Press” solution. Thanks to our technology and 65 years’ experience we have developed a comprehensive programme that will enable you to easily manage and integrate the production equipment, lubrication systems and conveyor belts for parts and scrap, with a single “click”. With Millutensil you have one “single technological partner” offering you a wide range of solutions and integrated services.

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All the advantages of choosing Millutensil

With a single click, you will manage a complete line made up of several machines, e.g. decoilers, straightening machines, shears, welding units and accessory equipment, such as conveyors and lubrication systems.

Thanks to the Smart Link System all the systems are interconnected to provide an accurate and optimized process.

This programme allows great saving of time for the reset of the line and of all the parameters for production changes.

All the systems included in one single integrated system allowing a single line certification management.





We design solutions for:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Fine Blanking
  • White Industry
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electronic Industry

Our types of production equipment

  • Equipment for presses

  • Equipment for presses and coil lines

  • Lines for presses with end-joining system
  • Feed lines for lamination
  • Feed lines for thick strips – Fine blanking
  • Feed lines for high-strength steel
  • Automatic lines for disk cutting
  • Cut-to-length lines (CTL)
  • Lines with laser technology
  • Stackers



Efficiency, precision, and adaptability

Coil-fed presses represent the epitome of modern sheet metal processing in the automotive sector. They embody efficiency, precision, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, automation, and customization, making them indispensable tools in the production of vehicles that drive innovation and shape the future of mobility.

In meeting the demands of the automotive sector, Millutensil’s solutions stand as exemplars of excellence. Built upon decades of engineering expertise, Millutensil solutions perfectly align with the requirements of efficiency, precision, and adaptability essential in automotive manufacturing.

Compact solutions for high-strength materials, “Servo reel” solution

Millutensil has developed several line concepts for high-strength materials, including an innovative “Servo reel” technology for coil lines.
Thanks to the use of an advanced software programme, the feed and decoiler work in a synchronised manner by means of a brushless motor.
Through the analysis of algorithms, the programme provides for the uncoiling loop management based on the coil diameter.
The advantages are very compact lines, quick coil change, maintaining compact coils.


Fine blanking solutions

The Fine Blanking Process represents a specialized variant of the stamping process, characterized by its unique approach to precision cutting. In this method, the cutting area demands the utmost smoothness, achieved by compressing the entire workpiece and extracting material through both upper and lower punches. The fine-blanking process, known for its exceptional precision, maintains exceedingly tight tolerances, often obviating the need for additional post-processing steps.

Millutensil stands at the forefront of innovative Fine Blanking solutions, offering dedicated production lines designed for coils with thicknesses up to 12 mm. This cutting-edge technology caters not only to the handling of substantial thicknesses but also prioritizes the crucial aspects of accuracy, flatness, and cost-effectiveness in the production of fine-blanked parts. Millutensil’s technology is designed to prepare the material to be perfectly flat and planar, in addition to providing synchronized line feeding with the press.

In the realm of Fine Blanking, the Millutensil technology has been developed with a specific focus on acquiring the requisite skills and fostering competitiveness. This dedication is aimed at meeting the exacting standards necessary for the production of highly accurate parts, thereby establishing Millutensil as a key player in the realm of precision manufacturing.


Know how and process technology

The white industry sector requires lines dedicated to the creation of aesthetic details that are used in household appliances: kitchens, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers.
More and more design details, combined with functionality and refined and exclusive aesthetic characteristics.
The processes must guarantee the high number of pieces to be made and high quality products.

Millutensil has created and collaborates constantly with its customers in these projects that are carried out all over the world.

We are also the supplier of the lines for the service center divisions of the white industry plants with the supply of cut to length lines (CTL) to prepare the squares . They are then printed under the presses for the production of finished products.


Zig-Zag system


Millutensil has developed the “Z” Zig zag programme, a range of diverse solutions, with the aim of saving material during production.

The objective of the “Z” lines is to reduce the cost of the product, which is a must for any company today.
Millutensil can achieve this objective together with you, through innovative solution.

  • Zig zag feed lines
  • Automatic lines for disk cutting
  • Lines with laser technology



At the forefront of innovation, MILLUTENSIL presents the die-splitter, a groundbreaking solution meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Specifically designed to effortlessly manage large molds, the die-splitter extends its proficiency even into the sheet metal sector.

This cutting-edge equipment stands out as an innovative, versatile, and highly efficient solution, perfectly aligning with the escalating trend towards automation in manufacturing processes and the ever-increasing safety standards.

Key Advantages of the AM Series:

  1. Significant Reduction in Assembly and Maintenance Time: The AM series introduces a revolutionary approach, substantially minimizing the time and effort required for assembly and maintenance.
  2. Ergonomic Work Positions: Offering ergonomic work positions, the die-splitter ensures a comfortable and efficient environment for working on dies, enhancing overall productivity.
  3. Seamless Die Handling: Designed for ease of use, the die-splitter streamlines the process of handling dies, providing an exceptionally straightforward and efficient experience.



The Yellow Line is a line of products for several industrial sectors, and is aimed at meeting any handling needs.

Process automation is more and more necessary in order to guarantee increasing productivity.
The strength of Millutensil is an engineering department able to develop special solutions to meet any request of its customers.

Our equipment types

  • Conveyor belts for the transport of parts
  • Telescopic end of line (EOL) conveyors

  • Conveyor belts for the transport of scraps
  • Conveyor belts with metal shutters
  • Magnetic conveyor belts
  • Electro-mechanical conveyor belts
  • Electro-magnetic conveyor belts


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